FAA Navigational Aids (NAVAIDs)

Our electricians specialize in FAA NAVAIDs, covering a full range of ground-based navigation systems. From design and configuration to installation and testing, we know how to meet all FAA requirements and make sure everything flies right.

No matter the size of your airport or the volume of traffic it handles, True North Electric is equipped for the task.

NAVAIDs Systems

We offer proven expertise in the following systems:

  • RVR (Runway visual range)
  • REIL (Runway end identifier lights)
  • DVOR (Doppler VHF omnidirectional range)
  • DME (Distance measuring equipment)
  • PAPI (Precision approach path indicator)
  • MALSR (Medium intensity approach light system with runway alignment indicator lights)
  • Glideslope
  • Localizer

Benefits of Our Services

True North serves air facilities throughout the United States. We’ll bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your intricate NAVAID systems are properly installed and work right.

Peace of Mind


Proper Functionality

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